Miliyah Kato started her career as an author when she was 23. Her debut novel “Umareta mama no watashi wo” is a pure literature. It is a story of loneliness and new love style of modern young generations. The president of the publisher, Toru Kenjo admired the novel and acclaimed that she can even become a nominee for Akutagawa prize. Other novels include “UGLY” (a story about a twenty-one year old novelist and university student), “Kamisama” (short novel about five cute and bittersweet love of women), and semi autobiographical

novel “Kofuku no Megami”. Miliyah’s novels reflects a unique world of reality which forms a liaison to her music and this is why many young readers support her novels.

Magazine book

A young woman’s fashion bible which sold more than 2.5 million copies

This is the first fashion book produced by Miliyah Kato known as the creator of hit trends such as “Miliyah hair” “red lip” and “Miliyah cap”. Her followers are called “Milliyah-ers” they became a social phenomenon.

Total 160 pages / B5 sized soft covered book ¥1575 (tax included)

・Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter! Over 200 styles of Miliyah’s private fashion coordination

・All about Miliyah’s secret private clothing collection – famous among fashion stylists

・Coordination tips such as how to look stylish, how to wear simple T-shirts in a fashionable way etc.

・Shopping tips - Where does Miliyah buy her clothing?

・Latest fashion coordination of KAWI JAMELE, Miliyah Kato’s own fashion brand

・Collection of CD album jackets, music videos and tour costumes which her fans always wanted to check


A book featuring Miliyah Kato’s deep music senses

This artist book was released on Miliyah Kato’s 10th anniversary. Miliyah Kato goes over ten years of her past career and speaks out about many styles of “love” which she has expressed through her music. Miliyah Kato also introduces episodes on creating “My most favorite Miliyah songs” voted by her fans.

Total 190 pages / B5 sized soft covered book ¥1500(tax included)

・Detailed explanation of “Ai no Uta” by Miliyah Kato

・Reprint of article on CD&DL data of past ten years

・”My most favorite Miliyah songs” voted by fans

・Message from Miliyah fan celebrities



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