is a fashion brand designed by Miliyah Kato launched in 2008. The brand name “KAWI JAMELE” comes from Miliyah’s motto = “Strong and beautiful” in Arabic. It explores its original world by mixing art and culture through the designer’s intuitive sense. KAWI JAMELE’s wardrobes reflects power and beauty from the inner self and creates fashionable and cosmopolitan identity through its original world under Miliyah’s unique vision. KAWI JAMELE is currently available in shops at LAFORET Harajyuku, Shinjyuku LUMINE EST, Osaka Shinsaibashi OPA. The brand is admired by many young women.

MIRROR is an accessory brand by Miliyah Kato and her exclusive stylist Tetsuya Nishimura. Their products are only available through their online shop but its pop and edgy style has been very popular among young women who look into street fashion.In Spring 2015, MIRROR opened a pop up shop “MIRROR Pop Up Shop” for a limited time at MIDWEST WOMEN 3F in Shibuya.Many artists and fashionistas gathered for the anniversary party.