known as “the charismatic leader of Japanese high school girls”, Miliyah Kato used to “hate adults” when she started her career during her teens. In her debut single in 2004, “Never Let Go/Yozora”, the way of life expressed in her personal lyrics and excellent sense of creating melodies were immediately recognized and stood out.

Miliyah is also known as a fashion icon, and she is also known as a designer for her own fashion brand, KAWI JAMELE and jewelry brand MIRROR. She has been featured in a variety of fashion related media creating many trends and also selected as “VOGUE JAPAN WOMAN OF THE YEAR”. Her followers are imitating her hair-styles, make-up and outfits, and started so called a phenomenal “Miliyah-er” movement. In 2009, 1.8 million copies of her song “Aitai” was downloaded. “Love Forever”, a collaboration with Shota Shimizu, was downloaded more than 2.8 million times and she became an icon of the digital generation.

Miliyah has also started her career as an author in 2011, and continues to fascinate her fans and acclaimed as being nominated for the prestigious Akutagawa Prize.

Marking her thirteenth year of career and now 28, she continues to speak out for her generation by singing modern women’s love and complication and is still admired by many high schoolers, and even named “Goddess” by working women in her own generation.

On March 1, 2017, she releases the Japanese version of “How Far I’ll Go”, the soundtrack of the hit Disney movie, Moana.

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