What is “KREVA de DANCE”?

It’s an interactive and international dance project, which needs your inspirations and imaginations as well as your talent and motivation to spotlight Asian Dance and Hip Hop Scene by bridging “Japan’s No. 1 Hip Hop Artist, KREVA”.

We also want to hear your ideas and interpretations of KREVA de DANCE and make sure everyone can participate and build together an exciting international dance and hip hop community where the sky is the limit, but cool and original.

KREVA de DANCE should answer to all the following voices and beyond. Give us your suggestions and we’ll make it happen!!

KREVA, Come to Singapore, Come to Taipei, Come to Hong Kong..

KREVA, let me dance with you..

KREVA, collaborate with my favorite dance group (dancers)..

KREVA, I will teach you my dance steps!

KREVA, take me to your Japan tour!

KREVA, let me join your live shows including hot Asian music festivals and Japan’s outdoor summer events

KREVA, let me use your track to my group’s dance showcase. Or, please write us a song!!

KREVA, Rap with my dance group!

KREVA is already invited to perform at various Asian cities, and we want to make sure we’ll make KREVA de DANCE experience together with you. Email now to

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Kaz Hayashida