"HOPE" released in Japan

KREVA、SEEDA、HirOshima put together a cherity project for the Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami Victims and released a song with 11 high spirited Japanese arists.

participating artists:

KREVA, Masafumi Goto (Asian Kung-fu Generation)

Mummy-D & Utamaru (Rhymester), Daichi Miura,

SEEDA, Emi Maria, Koho, lecca, Tencan,

Major Music, Che'Nell (US), Karibel (US)

Produced by MAJOR MUSIC a.k.a. Bastiany&HirOshima 

Co-Produced by KREVA


*all the proceeds from this release for Hope Artists and the label (elements ltd.) will be contributed to the Earthquake/Tsunami victims of Eastern Japan and its relief efforts through Red Cross Japan continuously. 


What is Hope?

When each listener receives the message from this song, and when each individual possessed an active will power, “HOPE” then becomes a true song of the hope..

It’s been 9 months since the earthquake hit the eastern part of Japan on March 11, 2011.
The road to recovery is still long way to go, and radiations from the nuclear reactors are still un-clear when to be resolved. We cannot deny people’s memories and attention to this disaster and its victims are fading away. The human is specie to forget, but it is also specie that can remind themselves. That is when music takes its role and that is not to be underestimated.

On December 14th, a charity song by 11 artists with noble and high intent carrying their message is released to all over Japan.

Everything started out from the action of one man, named HirOshima, the Japanese music producer lives in New York. HirOshima is a part of the producer unit called MAJOR MUSIC that has been contributing tracks to KREVA and SEEEDA’s latest releases.

When he found out disastrous damages done by the earthquake and Tsunami from the US news medias, he put together a new track and flew in to Japan on March 13th, two days after the earthquake. 
First, he arrived at Saitama Super Arena where thousands of evacuees are temporary staying, and he volunteered at its soup kitchens to serve them hot meals.

“My brother in law lives in Ishinomaki and he lost his house from Tsunami. I could not stand still and was convinced that I had to do something!” (HirOshima)

After a while, HirOshima visited KREVA with SEEDA. He asked KREVA’s help to complete a charity song with the track he brought in from New York. KREVA welcomed their proposal and they gave the song title “HOPE” right on the spot. Then the three, HirOshima, KREVA and SEEDA started working together to perfect “HOPE”.

“I have several friends who live in Sendai, and been thinking about what I can do for them since the disaster. I was told from HirOshima, we may able to do something together with KREVA, and I went to see KREVA with HirOshima”. (SEEDA)

“We went straight to specifics. First, to call people. Each of us said who we wanted to call, and who we should call to make this charity song more meaningful. We also said each of us should at least take 8 bars otherwise we cannot express what we have in our minds”. (KREVA)

HirOshima called Che’Nell and Karibel. KREVA called Masafumi Goto (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION ), Mammy-D & Utamaru (RHYMESTER), and Daichi Miura. SEEDA called lecca, KOJO, EMI MARIA and Sendai’s TENZAN. Total of 11 artists.

“There are bunch of Rappers and R&B singers, but we thought we need to invite someone in a different field to carry the message with some wright. Then I thought of Goto from Asi-Kan (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION )” (KREVA)

“TENZAN is my friend, yet unknown nationally. But, I thought he will shine with this song and he could feed back something to Tohoku area where the disaster hit the hardest. It also means that he has to work together with popular figures including KREVA. Although with a good intent, it may not be heard without any influence”.



Recording took place in April and May and three versions of the song were made: M2 is done by KREVA team, M3 is done by SEEDA team and M1 is a compilation of the all casts.” Originally, it was going to be released in summer, but due to various situations, it is finally schedule to be released towards Christmas.

With a tribal drum beat in intro suggesting tough and bitter sympathy, synthesizer and piano densely harmonize and remind us of a powerful sunrise breaking the silent dawn.

Tenderness without any hint of cloud, beauty and strength, the track carries 11 rapper/singer’s messages passed to one and the other. The last verse on M1-All Cast version closes with TENZAN. His words, which are delivered from someone who lives in the Tsunami stricken area, touch us so deeply.   

I am very conscious about the sales of my work, but for this particular song, I wish it will do well. If we were just making songs, we could upload them and spread them for free.  From the beginning, we wanted this song to reach many people so that we want it sell, make money and deliver it to the victims.” (KREVA)

“I also think it is very important to generate money. However, even if some people don’t buy the record, I wanted this song to create a chance for them to do something towards the relief. I hope this song offers either one of these situations.” (SEEDA)

“Yes, indeed.” (KREVA)

“I wish people listen to the messages from each one of us on this song. And, to receive them and do something towards the disaster victims and stricken area. I wish…” (HirOshima)


So, when each listener receives the message from this song, and when each individual possessed an active will power, “HOPE” then becomes a true song of the hope..

Original Japanese Text by Shoichi Miyake

Kaz Hayashida