“The 3rd Round - The House Party!”

Toshinobu Kubota 30 year anniversary special - Part 3.

Enjoy one and the only live performance in so intimate space: the live house tour, “The 3rd Round - The House Party!”

30 year anniversary is his 3rd round of career and Toshi re-approaches his live performance as gutted down simple stage without fancy stage plot, but just an intimate space to enjoy his performance with full scale live band as he would play for arena.

The songs you would always want to listen, or the songs Toshi would only one night, you can surely enjoy the super rare premium live with full of Funkiness and Sweetness. Don’t miss!

6/13 (Tue) Toyosu Pit

6/14 (Wed) Toyosu Pit

6/16 (Fri) Toyosu Pit

6/17 (Sat) Toyosu Pit 

8/8 (Tue)   Zepp Namba Osaka

8/9 (Wed) Zepp Namba Osaka

8/13 (Sun) Zepp Sapporo

8/15 (Tue) Team Smile/Sendai Pit

8/31 (Thu) Zepp Nagoya

9/1 (Fri) Zepp Nagoya


Kaz Hayashida