"In The Universe Tour" finally completed with big success!

Toshi's special accoustic live tour, "In The Universe Tour" has finally completed on Nov 4th at Ginowan Beach Park Theater in Okinawa after 13 sucessful dates. Here's the set list featuring accoustic band arrangement that is quite different from Toshi's usual Funk/R&B Party:

1. やつらの足音のバラード (Yatsura no Ashioto no Ballad - from TV anime, Hajime Ningen Gyaahtles)
2. Love Reborn
3. My Cherie Amour
4. 君は なにを 見てる (Kimiwa Nani wo Miteru)
5. 海へ来なさい (Umi he Kinasai)
7. Calling You - <YURI>
8. MAMA UDONGO~まぶたの中に・・・~
9. Corcovado
10. Smile・Eyes・Cry
11. go your way, go my way - <Daisuke Mori>
12. Bring me up!
13. Indigo Waltz
14. Missing

15. You were mine
16. やつらの足音のバラード  (Yatsura no Ashioto no Ballad)

Also check the facebook post from Tokyo Kokusai Forum snap.


Kaz Hayashida