Toshi's 25th aniversary brand new album is finally out in Japan!

Spotlighting various pieces of his life: passion, romance, ocean, NY, hero, mother,..  , which shaped his personality, and each song unfolds a story telling, yet non-fictious vibes of Toshi himself.

Album title represents Toshi's music life within R&B/Soul universe, the uncompromised Kubota style.

The album features "Koeni-Dekinai" the upcoming movie, "Yoakeno Machide" based on the noble by Keigo Higashino, as well as his first male duet, "Golden Smile" with Atsushi of EXILE, "Umie Kinasai" originally written and performed by Yosui Inoue, and also today's cutting edge trackmakers including KREVA, ALI-KICK, and MANABOON.

Check out the sneak preview at Toshi's Japanese FB page.

Kaz Hayashida