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Toshi Kubota

In 1985, Toshi wrote songs to chart topping pop singers and made his record debut the following year from Sony Music with so much anticipation. With his unique music style, sophisticated song writing, incomparable vocal skills and groove conscious rhythmic approach, Toshi won over his audience and become a household name overnight.

After releasing several platinum albums, Toshi moved to NYC in 1993 and released three English albums from Columbia and Epic Records. His songs were played on mainstream American radio stations and his music videos were aired on popular video channels like MTV and BET. He was also featured as the first Japanese singer to perform at the legendary “Soul Train”.

For over 25 years, Toshi stays true to his music and he is called the pioneer of Japanese R&B. His self-produced live show is also dazzling and so much fun. His 25 year anniversary tour drew 150,000 audiences in 32 sold out dates.

As a song writer and producer, Toshi has written number of hit theme songs for movies and TV dramas as well as commercials, sporting events and animations. Toshi understands what songs need to deliver for the different occasions and he is the master of these balancing acts. Up to now, Toshi released 15x original Japanese albums, 3x US (Englsih) albums and 5x best hit compilation albums. All of his musical work remains universal, stays current and certainly answers to his fans expectations.

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