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Rinko Urashima

In 1992, Rinko was discovered by Toshinobu Kubota when she was singing in the amateur band, and joined Kubota’s live tour as a background vocalist. Since then, she released several albums under “FUNK THE PEANUTS” and toured with DREAMS COME TRUE, TSUYOSHI DOMOTO as well as recording with number of artists and appearing in the live events.

Since 1999, Rinko started being featured in musicals including “RENT”, “I GOT MERMAN”, “FOOTLOOSE” and developed her new profession in play besides music.

In January, 2002, Rinko released her debut solo single, “RIN” penned her own lyrics for the first time, and in December 2004, she released her first solo album, titled “Hoh yoh (Embrace) /抱擁".

In 2005, Rinko made her screen debut with “Operetta Tanuki Goden(Princes Racoon) ” (starring Zhang Ziyi and Odagiri Joe). She is expanding her performing field and becoming multi professional artist capable of covering many genres by her powerful voice and acting skills.

In 2013, Rinko was chosen to play a role of Madame Thénardier for the musical “Les Misérables”. In 2014, she is scheduled to appear in the musical, “The Full Monty” directed by Yuichi Fukuda