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won Japan’s biggest dance competition when she was only ten, and has performed at some of the hottest clubs in NYC as well as being featured in the prestigious US gospel choir. She released her American debut single when she was only 14 followed by her major release from Sony Music in 2015.

In July, 2016, MIREI dropped her debut album titled “My Way” that charted #1 on iTunes followed by a summer smash, “Golden Tower” by Radio Fish. MIREI made several live appearances at Japanese POP Convention in the US major cities performing her original songs as well as covers including of Porter Robinson’s “Shelter”. The audience also gave rave reviews for her rendition of “Formation” by Beyoncé with the help of Dancing Dolls R.. On July 26th 2017,

MIREI also made her European performance debut at Paris Japan Expo in July 2018 followed by her encore appearance in Sacramento, CA and Houston, TX in the earlier year.

On August 29th, 2018, MIREI released her second album, “Answer” including her response to Japanese hip hop/pop classics including “Dear My Boo” the answer song to Shota Shimizu’s 2016 mega hit, “My Boo” and “Neiro Regards” , the break through single defined KREVA’s Solo career in 2004 originally titled, “Neiro”. The album became #1 on Line Music Daily Chart and stayed on top position at iTunes R&B and Pop charts.

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DJ Misaki

Misaki was born in 1995 and she was still 3 years old when she started taking dance lessons at the talent school in Osaka. There, she met Mii and Hono then later formed Dancing Dolls. They were recognized as a serious dance/vocal unit in the highly competitive Japanese IDOL scene and their performances were viewed more than 10 million times on social video sites even before they made their major debut from Sony Music in 2012. Misaki is a group leader and choreographed every song they have performed as Dancing Dolls, and she also choreographed various other artists including famous YouTubers.

As a solo artist, Misaki raps and makes beats as well as producing IDOL group such as “Kazehikaru Fukurou” who made major debut from Nippon Crown on November 22nd, 2017. Misaki also djs J-POP/Dance Music as DJ Misaki.

Dance Workshop @Anime Matsuri 2017

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  started taking dance lessons when she was onlty 3 years old and put together a group with her childhood friends that later became Dancing Dolls .

As a lead singer of Dancing Dolls, Mii won numerous titles for the Japanese IDOL competitions on major TV network including “Sakigake! (pioneer) IDOL Election” on Fuji Television, “IDOL Lottery” on TV Asahi and also hosted various domestic and international events including Nico Nico Cho Parties as a main MC.

Still a fulltime college student in Japan, Mii’s just released for her solo debut single, “What You Say” on July 4th, 2018.

Dancing Dolls R.

Since 2011, three teenagers from Osaka, Japan aggressively uploaded their vocal and dance covers to Nico Nico Doga and YouTube, and instantly won the fa10 million times collectively before they landed on a record contract with Sony Music in Sept, 2012. 

After releasing several hit singles, three original members: Mii, Misaki, and Hono made their US performance debut as Dancing Dolls R. at Anime Expo 2016 with a rave review with their smash hit, “Ring Dong”and a cover of hyper vocaloid dance track, “Jinsei Reset Button (Life Reset Button)” that shook up the dance floor. They also surprised the audience by their incognito appearance at K-POP Dance Battle nailing the KARA moves with a jaw-dropping performance and brought them back to other Anime conventions around the US.

With their razor sharp dance moves and powerful vocal skills distinguish them from other idol groups, but still hold the J-POP essence and sensibilities, and still rooted in Otaku and Vocaloid culture, Dancing Dolls R. is definitely your newest discovery, especially if you have not seen them live. 

Dancing Dolls R. @Anime Matsuti 2018