US Release Vol. 1


JAPANESE RAP STAR FOR USA Vol.1 featuring three songs from his last studio album (SHINZO/HEART) and 6 others from the last EP, OASYS.

“Seiko/Success”, the opening track cheers your success, and goes on to say “Let’s win it together,” and gives different perspectives from many American Rappers. His subject matter and delivery certainly distinguish him, and have crowned him an undefeated free style battle champ. “I Wanna Know you” followed by “Umarete Kite Arigatou/Thanks for being Born” featuring Sakai Yu is a love song beautifully blended with a silky chorus line.

KREVA introduced his new sound on OASYS with synth concentrated tracks and programmed beats with spacey electro pad (earlier he was known as a sample heavy master MPC producer)and executing his articulated verse and catchy choruses. “Michi naki Michi/unpaved road” serves as an interlude and closes the album with an instrumental track, “OASYS” followed by “Changing Same”.

This 9 track album is totally written, produced and performed by KREVA and hopefully serves as an introduction for the non-Japanese speaking listeners to explore more Japanese Hip Hop. I am sure you would enjoy his style as if you were reading Haruki Murakami when you like JD Salinger.


1.  Seikou/Success

2.I Wanna Know You

3.Umaretekite Arigatou/Thanks for Being Born (feat. Sakai, Yu)

4.Michinaki Michi/Unpaved Road



7.Saishukai/Last Episod


9.Changing Same

Available on iTunes US (2/16/2011)