New Album "Music Diner" will be released on 3/23/2016!


Daisuke will release his fourth original album with 11x J-Pop master pieces on March 23, 2016 titled "Music Diner".

Since 2014, "Morino Ongaku Kai (Mori's Music Recital)" has become a repeated engagement and featured a brand new song each time including "Full Moon", "Gomenne to Itte" and "monologue" that showcases the depth of Daisuke's musicality. And this upcoming CD will not only incorporate those songs, but also the theme song of "Night Aquarium", the radio talk show he hosts on FM COCOLO as well as self cover of hit songs he contributed to other artists, and a brand new song!

There is also a Valentine Special Live event scheduled in Osaka with Kenichi Takemoto, the critically acclaimed singer song writer. Click here for more info.

Kaz Hayashida