Christmas Singles

Manami Konishi releases two Christmas Singles:

“Christmas With you” and “Christmas Present” available worldwide on December 8th, 2017

“Christmas With you” Artwork

“Christmas With you” Artwork

After RAP, it’s a POP Christmas Song!

Following up her international debut EP, “I miss you” released this fall, Manami will drop two Christmas singles produced by Seiji Kameda, the J-POP maestro who is behind string of hit songs by Ringo Sheena, Ken Hirai, Spits, Ikimonogakari and many more

1)      Christmas With you

2)      Christmas Present

Born October 27, 1978, Manami made her stage debut with the legendary play writer, Kohei Tsuka’s directorial piece, “Netorare Sousuke” (the cuckolded Sousuke), and won the best new actress for Blue Ribbon Award and Japan Academy Award with “Amidado Dayori” (letter from Amida Temple).  Manami also won the best actress for Mainichi Film Contest and Yokohama Film Festival by “Non-Chan Nori Bento”(Non’s seaweed lunch box). Her other notable performances include TV drama, “Shoni Kyumei”(Child ER), “Bonkura 2” and a stage play, “Akaoni” (directed by HIdeki Noda)  “Itamuhito”(Mourner) directed by Yukihiro Tsutsumi, and Film, “Furiko”(Pendulum). In January 2018, Film “Midnight Buss” will be released.

Known as Japan’s top movie and stage actress, Manami Konishi has an amazing career, but stepped into Rap music by participating Kreva’s new music play, “Saiko ha Hitotsujanai Sakura 2016”(Best is not only one). With outstanding praise by her cast members including KREVA, Mammy D, and Aklo who are top names in the Japanese Rap Scene, the new door has been opened for Manami’s music adventure.

She joined the tribute album signing “Tranquilizer”, a cover originally recorded by KREVA that she performed on stage with him and thee album scored #1 on the iTunes chart. Furthermore, she performed that song live at Hibiya Outdoor Theater as part of “elements night ~sunday session~ concert” on June 26, 2016. In 2017, Manami released her Indies Debut EP titled “I miss you” produced by KREVA. The 4 track EP charted #1 on iTunes HipHop and #13 on the main chart. 

In 2017, Manami kept rolling after the EP debut, and now she is releasing two separate Christmas singles both produced by Seiji Kameda, J-pop maestro who is behind a string of mega hits by Ringo Sheena, Ken Hirai, Angela Ali, Ikimonogakari and many more.  Her debut EP was full of Hip Hop Flava, but these two Christmas songs are straight forward Pop tunes, and spotlighting a different side of Manami’s musical expressions. The titles are “Christmas With you” and “Christmas Present”. These two stories pull each other with gravity, and should warm up the 2017 winter season.

<a message from Manami>

“These two songs are like two polar sides, but with Mr. Kameda’s sensibility and uncompromising creative process, thy shine beautifully like Moon and Sun”

<a message from Seiji Kameda>

"Dec 2017, the finest Christmas songs have been born."

"Christmas Present" Artwork

"Christmas Present" Artwork

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