"THE BEST is not only ONE" KREVA's New Musical/Play

Back by the popular demand, KREVA’s trailblazing musical/play will start on Jan 28th at Hibiya Theater Creation in Tokyo!

The first show in 2011 shock waved not only KREVA fans, but also the entire musical/paly circuit, and it became a legend!

From the music industry, musical/play industry, and also the voice acting industry, so many talented casts are put together and performing the 3x paralleled stories in different time settings: Japan’s Samurai Era, a wake of 20th Century, and NOW.

What connects those time zones and how to conclude the stories? KREVA and his long-time colleague, Mummy-D from Japanese Rap Pioneer, “RHYMSTER” interact with the players and attempt to re-define the art form.



Kaz Hayashida