"908 Festival" was AWESOME!

It was KREVA's statement of how his music exists and how he could carry it forward.

Creating the non-stop 4.5 hour program with his fellow musicians and guest artists, KREVA really proved his unique position in the Japanese music scene, as a king and a true Rapstar. The 10,000 plus audience also became a part of the show creating a special atmosphere full of energy. From Cypress Ueno's "hiphop - exercise" to PROPS' 7 men on stage cypher, KREVA really showed how Hip Hop stays on the Japanese soil. KREVA x MIYAVI's genre vending performance was a breath taking and Sonomi's a-cappella performance justified her talent and the warmth of the audience. It was like watching 2x world cup finals without halftime and any intermission, but it was worth it. I really wish these experiences could transcend beyond the language and cross the borders one day.


Kaz Hayashida