IA @ Anime Expo presents Cool Japan Festival

Los Angeles (July 15th, 2015) – IA, who’s known as a virtual artist - originally developed as a voice library for [VOCALOID ™3], the voice synthesis program released in 2012 - made her successful North American debut this past weekend.

It was the Independence Day on July 4th and IA finally opened her brand new chapter.

The live concert took place at Club Nokia, LA Live, the shrine of American Pop Music in the heart of Downtown Los Angele and it was a part of 「COOL JAPAN FESTIVAL」presented by ANIME EXPO 2015, the largest Anime Convention in North America. The Tickets were sold out and more than 2000 fans attended the show dressed in various IA T-shirts and costumes, and many of them started crying with so much anticipation. As soon as the back ground music stopped, the crowd roared with cheers and the concert was started.

As the opening footage was shown and IA logo got enlarged on the screen, the front crowd waived the pink glow sticks so passionately that no one can deny but to celebrate IA’s US debut.

The first song was「Inner Arts」. IA was wearing white dress, and backed by the thick layered sounds created by her band members. She strolled across the stage as if she was greeting her super hyped IA fans.

The second song was 「Circuit DISCO」 and IA Dancers joined her on the stage and synchronized her with every step and move. IA changed her dress to summery no-sleeve and talked to her fans. The audiences responded with screams and shouts as IA waved towards them.

IA continued with her signature dance tracks and the crowd almost reached their climax as IA kept dancing without hesitation.

The second half of the show was introduced with the KAGEROU PROJECT video footages and started out with the multi-creator, JIN’s rock repertories including 「Children Record」, and 「Outer Science」. IA was dressed in her original costume which was also copied by many fans in the audience.

Her MC afterwards suggested she was enjoying her North American debut, and crowd responded her with calling her names, 「IA-chan」.

The last song was America ~we are all right~. IA introduced her fellow band members and dancers a/k/a IA All Stars and they performed as one solid ensemble. They also united with the audience and sang together, especially in choruses, and closed the show.

After IA left the stage, crowd did not let her go without an encore and IA responded the crowd and promised she will keep performing.  She sang one last song and bowed three times and left after saying [see you soon!]

The show was filled with so much attraction and IA’s musical appeals, and this success will definitely promise her further endeavors for world-wide activities.

「ANIME EXPO」: www.anime-expo.org/

IA is a virtual artist brought to life as part of the VOCALOID3. 「IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-」and「IA ROCKS」are both ranked #1 on Amazon Japan Music Software chart. IA-related videos have collectively garnered more than 100 million views.

She started her artist career by embarking on a live tour in 2012, followed by a dance music collaboration with the game, “GROOVE COASTER”, as well as collaborations with several fashion brands. IA is also the featured singer of KAGEROU PROJECT by the multi-talented JIN and also included in Evangelion final chapter comics CD. Since 2013, IA has reached out to her international audience by doing live shows in France and Taiwan as well as the string of successful concert movie screenings in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. She made her North American debut with more than 2000 fans in July 2015.

On July 30th, 「IA/VT ‒COLORFUL-」for PlayStation(R) is scheduled to be released.

IA OFFICIAL WEBSITE:                     http://1stplace.co.jp/artist/ia

IA Facebook WorldPage:                https://www.facebook.com/IA.WORLD.PAGE

Tokyo Otaku Mode FanPage:             http://otakumode.com/IA/


Kaz Hayashida