IA made successful New York/East Coast debut at Gramercy Theatre


 IA made NYC debut with her Special 3D Live Showcase on October 11th (Sun) at Gramercy Theatre as part of NY Comic Con presents NY Super Week!


Fans started to line up as early as 10am on Sunday for 7pm door, and it eventually went all the way around the block of 23rd and Lexington. Many of them were already geared up with IA live T-shirts and other merch they had picked up at the Comic Con, and the glow stick, the must have J-Pop concert item. IA was accompanied by two live dancers who were also performing with her at Anime Expo in Los Angeles earlier, and gave very energetic live performance with several wardrobe changes. Audiences were also wowed by IA’s guitar playing that was added after the LA concert as well as her singing voice, which was so clear and humanly smooth, especially noticeable when she was singing a ballad. 60 minutes of full stage went so fast, but passionate crowed did not let her go. IA sang two songs as an encore and promised to come back soon.

The next stop is London Hyper Japan on Nov. 28th and 29th!

(photo by Mayumi Nashida)

Kaz Hayashida