Brown Eyed Soul Media Update!

A documentary movie narrated by JUNG YUP will be shown in Japan!

 [GROW: INFINITE Real Adolescent Life], a documentary movie based on the struggles and success of the South Korean group, INFINITE, will be released on January 17th, 2015 in Japan including Shinjuku Baltic 9 and other theaters across the country.

The movie is narrated by BROWN EYED SOUL’s leader, JUNG YUP! Enjoy the movie and also his narration as well!






“Sukkara” (winter edition) on sale now!

“Sukkara”, the lifestyle magazine focusing on Korea’s travel, food, culture, entertainment, history, and etc.. features a regular column by BROWN EYED SOUL.

In this winter edition, BROWN EYED SOUL’s leader, JUNG YUP picks music of his choice. Check the messages from BES, only found on their column here!

“Sukkara” winter edition vol. 94

In store on Dec 20 (Sat) 2014

Official Website:

Kaz Hayashida