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Brown Eyed Soul

Brown Eyed Soul (BES) was formed by Naul -- the Korean delegate to sing the 2002 FIFA World Cup title song, “Voice of KOREA/JAPAN”, and the member of Brown Eyes -- with his desire for capture much deeper music expression

They are called miracle, because all four members including JUNG YUP (the leader), NAUL, YOUNG JUN, and SUNG HOON can write songs, and made spectacular record debut with “Soul Free” in 2003. Although they hardly engage in the promotional activities and spend almost 12 months for recording each album, they have built a solid fan base and been keeping the pole position in music charts.

Also, each four members actively enrolls in their solo career, and releases special projects including TV OST (original sound track) and expand their fan base as they heighten their name values as a group.

They rarely take TV and magazine interviews, and stay mysterious, but their live show is where they express their music influences and songwriting to their fans, and it is always sold out.

Since there’s so many master piece recordings they have released, BES is loved by many artists cross the music genre and even covered by some of the pop-idols who are known for their vocal abilities.

The charismatic R&B crown jewel of Korea, Brown Eyed Soul is about to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and make Japanese debut for this memorable year.